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What Is A Chorus Pedal? What Is A Chorus Pedal?

The chorus effect pedal is used to make the music sound richer by adding a layer of additional voices or instruments. It is often associated with 1980’s pop music. However it's been used in many genres of music including jazz, gospel, and classical. Analog pedals are the most common type of chorus pedal on the […]

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Are Multi Effects Pedals Good? Are Multi Effects Pedals Good?

The multi-effect pedal is a pedal that has a variety of different effects in it. It can be used to create a wide range of different sounds. They all provide the user with a wide range of sounds to create. There are simple effects like distortion and delay, as well as more complex things like […]

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The Reverb Effects Pedal The Reverb Effects Pedal

Reverb is an effect that is used to simulate the sound of a space by generating multiple echoes. It can be produced artificially or naturally. Reverb can be used to produce a sense of depth and spaciousness in the overall sound. What is a Reverb Guitar Pedal? This article will help you understand what a […]

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The Overdrive Effects Pedal The Overdrive Effects Pedal

Guitar pedals can be used to create a wide range of different effects and tones. For example, an overdrive pedal will give the guitar a saturated, distorted sound. They are small units that can be attached to the instrument’s amplifier and electric guitar. They come in many different shapes and sizes. Producing a range of […]

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The Octave Effects Pedal The Octave Effects Pedal

For guitarists, octave pedals are a must-have tool for any live performance or recording session. They enable you to play one note at a time. While the pedal transposes the signal up or down an octave from low to high, or vice versa. Octave pedals have been around since the early 1900s. Becoming popular in […]

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The Multi Effects Pedal The Multi Effects Pedal

A multi-effect pedal is a type of electronic musical effects device. Which typically contains many different effects and amplifiers to alter the sound and tone of an electric guitar or keyboard. Its uses are not limited to the electric guitar. But can also include bass guitars, keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines, or other instruments. How Does […]

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Questions About Fuzz Pedals Questions About Fuzz Pedals

A fuzz guitar effect pedal is a type of distortion pedal. It uses the "fuzz" sound to alter the tone of an electric guitar. They are typically connected to the input jack of an amplifier and the jack of an electric guitar. Producing such sounds such as buzz, hiss, and white noise. Fuzz guitars are […]

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Common Questions About Tremolo Pedals Common Questions About Tremolo Pedals

A tremolo pedal is a guitar effect pedal that creates a vibrato, or wavy pitch change, in the sound. It is usually used in conjunction with the bridge pickup and volume knob of an electric guitar to create a vibrato-like effect. Remember when you were a little kid and playing with your toy cars? When […]

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What Are Guitar Tuner Pedals? What Are Guitar Tuner Pedals?

A guitar tuner pedal is a device that is used to tune your guitar. A variety of different tuner pedals are available on the market today, but the basic function remains the same. The most common type of these pedals are chromatic tuners, which use an electronic display to show you the note you're playing […]

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Wah Pedals, Frequently Asked Questions Wah Pedals, Frequently Asked Questions

Wah pedals are a type of effects pedal that help change the tone of an electric guitar or bass by altering the frequency of a signal. They create a sound that has a sweeping, vibrating sound. When you press down on the foot pedal, it sends a signal to your amp and changes its volume. […]

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