Best Chorus Pedals

Top 8 Best Chorus Pedals On The Market (June 2024)

The Best Chorus Pedals On The Market (June 2024)

So you're looking for the best chorus pedals on the market? Well you've come to the right place. We've found the best examples of high quality chorus pedals available to date. Choosing the right chorus pedals is not an easy task. Chorus pedals are used to produce a rich, wide sound. It also creates a sense of space and widens the band. Finding a good chorus pedal can be down to personal preference. Some people prefer to choose a brand and stick with them for all their pedals. While others may want to focus on what they need the chorus pedal to do.

After reading this article you should have a better understanding. Which means you'll be able to decide which type of chorus pedal would be best for your needs.

The Best Chorus Pedals On The Market Buyers Guide (June 2024)

  • 1. BOSS WAZA Craft CE-2W Chorus
  • 2. Walrus Audio Julia
  • 3. BOSS CE-5 Stereo Chorus Ensemble
  • 4. Ibanez Chorus Mini
  • 5. BOSS CH-1 Super Chorus
  • 6. JHS 3 Series Chorus
  • 7. MXR M234 Analog Chorus
  • 8. Electro-Harmonix Small Clone
BOSS WAZA Craft CE-2W Chorus Image

BOSS WAZA Craft CE-2W Chorus

  • ✔ Iconic Special Edition WAZA Craft Pedal
  • ✔ Made Exclusively In Japan
  • ✔ Variable Chorus Depth Control
  • ✔ Features A Reproduction Of The Two Stereo Sound Modes From BOSS's First Chorus Pedal

This pedal produces a warm and rich chorus effect that is ideal for all types of music and playing styles. The effects can be used with both clean and distorted sounds for a wide range of expressive possibilities.

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BOSS is a leading manufacturer of effects pedals and keyboards, best known for its popular compact effect pedal series. The WAZA Craft CE-2W chorus pedal is a versatile guitar effect pedal that produces classic chorus sound.

The pedal features a traditional BOSS all metal construction, with an easy to use interface and Depth knob with three stages of intensity. It also features a Chorus rate knob, which also has three stages of intensity from mild to strong. The pedal has a standard 9V power input and comes supplied with a 9V battery that can be easily replaced by the user when necessary. The Boss WAZA Craft CE-2W is a 2-in/2 out chorus pedal. It has a high and low-pass filter and two independent channels, which each have 3 types of chorus sounds: chorus, vibrato, and rotary speaker.

It has a clear and clean sound that isn't too noisy and is easily adjustable to become more or less chorused. The pedals are sturdy and feel like they will last a long time. The CW-2W excels in creating a rich, warm sound with a subtle shimmering wash of echoes. It can make your playing sound like it's coming from more than one guitar and adds depth and texture to the tone of your instrument.

The BOSS WAZA Craft CE-2W is an excellent option for rock, blues, jazz, country and pop players. Especially if they’re looking for a lush, full tone. It has an easy-to-use interface and the controls will be familiar to players of most any level.

Walrus Audio Julia Image

Walrus Audio Julia

  • ✔ Very Popular Product
  • ✔ Fantastic Reviews And Recommendations
  • ✔ Rate, Depth, Lag, Wave and DCV Blend Controls
  • ✔ A Beautiful, Eye Catching Design Of Julia The Water Demigoddess

A classic analog chorus pedal that's built for guitar or bass. The pedal employs an all analog signal path that uses a bucket brigade based circuit. Creating a sound that is lush, warm, and colorful.

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If you are looking for a chorus pedal with vintage sound, this is the perfect pedal for you. Walrus Audio Julia analog chorus pedal is an analog chorus pedal that has a rich feature set and great tone. The sound is not too bright, but it still has an open top end that makes it pleasant to listen to.

This pedal was created to emulate the sound of a Mellotron and is ideal for artists who want their music to have a retro sound. It has a chorus and vibrato and is best used in the studio or on stage. It comes with four-stage modulation controls that can provide subtle or dramatic modulation effects. As well as a toggle switch for wave selection. This array of configuration options make it perfect for use in almost any setup.

This analog chorus pedal is a nifty little device. It has an innovative design that makes it easy to use the pedal to create the perfect chorus sound. The pedal is versatile and can be used in many different ways.

Overall, the Julia Chorus Pedal is perfect for anyone looking to add some depth and dimensionality to their sound without breaking the bank.

BOSS CE-5 Stereo Chorus Ensemble Image

BOSS CE-5 Stereo Chorus Ensemble

  • ✔ High Quality, Durable Chassis
  • ✔ High And Low Cut Filters
  • ✔ BOSS 5 Year Warranty
  • ✔ Mono Input And Stereo Output

A stereo chorus pedal that combines chorus and ensemble effects in a single unit. It produces rich, thick chorus and lush, warm ensemble sounds.

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BOSS is a company which was established in 1973 and it has been developing and producing high-quality guitar effects pedals.

The BOSS CE-5 Stereo Chorus Ensemble pedal is the newest addition to its range of guitar pedals. It is a stereo and compact pedal that features an analog dry signal path. As well as an EQ/mixing control for setting up the perfect sound. It is a versatile stereo pedal. One that can create a multitude of stereo effects that are similar to those in expensive studio equipment.

The Boss CE-5 chorus pedal is a stereo chorus pedal that was introduced in 1982. It is the successor to the CE-2 and finds its use in many genres of music. The CE-5 has many features that are comparable to the CE-2. It also provides more control over the parameters through its knobs and switches.

This pedal has 4 knobs for adjusting the parameters of the effect. The first is the level, while the second knob controls the speed and rate of the chorus itself. The third knob controls the depth of the effect. While the fourth knob determines how high or low the chorus will be. As the user is able to filter out high and low frequencies at will.

The BOSS CE-5 is one of the most popular stomp boxes in existence. It has been used by guitarists, bassists, synth players, DJs, and drummers.

Ibanez Chorus Mini Image

Ibanez Chorus Mini

  • ✔ Mini Pedal - Takes Less Room On Your Pedalboard
  • ✔ Made In Japan
  • ✔ True Bypass Switching
  • ✔ Well Reviewed Pedal By An Established Brand

This pedal offers the great tone and quality you've come to expect from Ibanez. A compact and professional chorus pedal that can add some great layers to your guitar.

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The Ibanez Chorus Mini Guitar Pedal is a small and reasonably priced chorus pedal. It has a variety of controls. Including speed and depth for the chorus effect as well as a built-in noise gate. This pedal has two outputs which can be used to simultaneously drive two amps. It's small and very easy to use. Which makes it perfect for someone who is looking for an affordable chorus pedal. It can also be powered with a power adapter. Which eliminates the need for batteries.

Ibanez Chorus Pedal offers three control knobs that adjusts the intensity of the effect. Depth, level and speed. The Ibanez Chorus Pedal also has a LED indicator light that changes with the intensity of the effect.

The Ibanez Chorus Mini Guitar Pedal is a versatile pedal that can be used for many different purposes. It is often used for adding a haunting effect to the guitar. For example, it can be used for solos or rhythms. The pedal will make the guitar sound like it is being played through an AM radio. Adding an interesting texture to the song.

The Ibanez Chorus Mini Guitar Pedal is also good for creating psychedelic sounds. For example, it can be used with delay pedals to create a mesmerizing effect. One that will make listeners feel like they are underwater, or on another planet.

BOSS CH-1 Super Chorus Image

BOSS CH-1 Super Chorus

  • ✔ World Famous Brand
  • ✔ The Classic Chorus Effect Pedal
  • ✔ Mono Input And Stereo Output
  • ✔ A Durable Metal Housing

An affordable introduction to the world of chorus effects. The CH-1's simple four-knob design makes it easy to dial-in rich, swirly chorusing sounds. Perfect for adding color and depth to your guitar tone.

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The CH-1 is a versatile pedal that can be used for chorus, flanging, vibrato, and more. It has the option to switch between mono or stereo operation. So you can get lush sounds in stereo or tight sound in mono. The BOSS CH-1 is a chorus pedal that features a Sound on Sound design. It's easy to customize the sound of this pedal with its Rate, Depth, and EQ & E-Level controls. An analog chorus pedal designed for guitarists who want to add warmth and texture to their guitar tone. The Boss CH-1 Super Chorus is a chorus pedal that can be used in different ways. It has 4 different chorus types which include "Vocal", "Mellow", "Bright" and "Warm".

This is a stereo chorus effect pedal with two independent channels. The brightness control adjusts the tone of each channel independently for even more sonic variety. The BOSS CH-1 Super Chorus pedal is designed with an analog circuit. One that has been optimized to be one of the best chorus pedals on the market. The pedal's design is based on an analog circuit. The result is a tone that users will find to be natural and dynamic. More so than many other chorus pedals with digital circuitry. This pedal also has the ability to mimic a vibrato pedal. Use the push-pull knob for selecting between standard chorus and vibrato effects.

This BOSS pedal is one of the most sought after music effects devices by guitarists. Simply because of its versatility and natural sound quality.

JHS 3 Series Chorus Image

JHS 3 Series Chorus

  • ✔ Classic Chorus And Vibrato Modulation All In One
  • ✔ Remove Dry Signal With The Vibe Toggle
  • ✔ Made In Kansas City USA
  • ✔ Can Produce A Range Of Chorus From Subtle Doubling To Epic Waves Of Modulation

This is a great option for adding a swirl in your tone. This pedal features a three-stage all-analog chorus circuit that can produce everything from mild chorus to extreme chorus mayhem.

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The JHS Pedal 3 Series Chorus is a chorus pedal that creates deep, rich analog-style chorus effects. The 3 Series Chorus features the same great tone as the JHS Pedals 2 Series Chorus with some added features.

One of these features is a range switch for bass frequencies. This new range switch allows you to boost or cut bass frequencies at either end of the spectrum, giving you more control over your sound. It also includes an attenuator, which can be used to reduce the output level of the effect and make it more manageable on long cable runs without losing tone quality.

The JHS Pedals 3 Series Chorus Pedal is a pedal that can create some really nice effects. It has 3 modes, Dry, Chorus and Lush Chorus. The pedal also has an effect level knob with selection for chorus, depth and rate.

The Dry mode is your basic chorus sound; it's not too overly dramatic or anything like that. However the Lush Chorus mode is where the pedal gets its name from; it creates a lush chorus sound which is perfect for any modern song. The last mode is the Chorus mode which offers a classic shimmering chorusing sound with 2 different speeds to choose from; fast or slow.

This is one of the best pedals on the market, but most importantly it sounds great.

MXR M234 Analog Chorus Image

MXR M234 Analog Chorus

  • ✔ Analog Chorus Pedal
  • ✔ Several Control Knobs For Complete Customization
  • ✔ Durable Metal Case
  • ✔ Buffered Bypass

This vintage-voiced analog pedal produces the lush, warm tone that made chorus effects so popular in the '80s. With separate Rate and Depth controls for precise control the M234 is a high quality device.

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MXR M 234 Analog Chorus pedal can help to achieve the desired sound. It is a versatile pedal that can be used for home recording or live performance.

The MXR M234 has three main knobs which are rate, depth and level. All for standard chorus customizations. However it also features high and low frequency cutting knobs. Allowing the user to remove elements of the chorus as and when they choose.

All of MXR's pedals are designed to meet the needs of players who are looking for quality sound, durability, and excellent value.

The MXR M234 Chorus Guitar Pedal is a perfect example of all of these features. It offers rich, deep chorus effects with a touch-sensitive sweep control that lets players dial in any amount of effect they want. The M234 also has an RMS power switch that lets you run the pedal on either high or low power for maximum versatility.

Some other features include true bypass switching, which ensures maximum signal integrity without coloration when the pedal is not engaged; rugged metal construction; and an easy-access battery compartment with nine-volt DC input jack on back panel.

Electro-Harmonix Small Clone Image

Electro-Harmonix Small Clone

  • ✔ Very Popular Pedal From A Very Popular Brand
  • ✔ True Bypass
  • ✔ Analog Chorus Pedal
  • ✔ A Fantastic Range From Subtle To Heavy Chorus

A chorus pedal that's small in size, but big on tone. With its small footprint, the Small Clone Chorus Pedal is the most compact of Electro-Harmonix's award-winning family of choruses.

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Small Clone is a compact analog chorus pedal with a lot of character. The controls are easy to use and understand. The "Rate" knob sets the speed of the chorusing effect from a slow, subtle warble to an intense, watery shimmer, while the "Depth" switch sets the intensity of modulation from subtle waves to deep swells.

The Small Clone is an affordable alternative to the larger, more expensive pedals. It can give you any sound you are looking for. From light shimmering effects to the most intense lush chorus. The Small Clone chorus pedal is perfect for pedal boards or as a secondary effect for larger rigs. If you are looking for a versatile chorus pedal that will not break the bank, this pedal is what you need.

Offering a quick and easy to use chorus effect, the Small Clone pedal is popular with a variety of guitarists. It has a knob for “Rate” which adjusts the speed of the modulation. As well as a switch for “Depth” which controls whether or not the signal is modulated. The sets how much the effect affects the signal. While active it effects how much high-frequency content can be heard.

The Electro-Harmonix Small Clone chorus pedal has been popular with guitarists since its release in 1972. It is an affordable option that provides classic sounds at a low price point.

More Information Regarding Chorus Pedals (2024)

Popular Guitar Pedals

We all know that guitar pedals allow you to do a lot of different things on your guitar. You can add reverb, change your tone, and add sustain. But what kind of effects do these pedals offer? How does each one work their magic?

The most famous guitar pedal is the wah-wah. It’s the sound you hear on some of the most famous rock songs on earth. And its still used in many different genres today. This is because it can be used for a variety of sounds. From screaming fuzz to smooth sweeps and everything in between.

The chorus pedal is another popular type of guitar pedal. One that we use to create some amazing sounds on our guitars. It works by creating a sound with two identical signals that are delayed. Similar to what happens when two people sing together in sync.

What is a Chorus Pedal?

Guitar pedals are used for changing or modifying the sound of an electric guitar. A chorus pedal, for example, creates a shimmering effect that gives the guitar more depth and character.

A chorus pedal is a foot-operated effect that makes your guitar sound like it has more than one voice. It is an electric circuit designed to imitate the natural chorus heard when playing a group of guitars.

The chorus effect was originally introduced in the 1970s as a synthesizer-like effect. Since then guitarists have discovered that it provides an interesting and dramatic twist on their sound. The result is something that sounds like light rain or wind blowing through the trees.

What are the Benefits of Chorus Pedal?

Playing a guitar with a chorus pedal is a great way to add depth and dimension to your music. In this article, we will discuss how this pedal works and what you can expect from it.

A guitar chorus pedals work by creating a detuned impression of the original signal. When you play chords on your guitar, the sound waves from the notes combine. When this happens they produce an echo effect. This is what creates the full sound that we all know and love. A chorus pedal reproduces this effect electronically by adding pitch shifting and delay effects to your signal. Resulting in that echo-like feel.

By using a chorus pedal, we can change our sound in interesting ways. Ways that would be difficult or impossible without one.

Digital Chorus Pedals vs. Analog Chorus Pedals

While analog chorus is great for some players, digital chorus pedals are better for others. This is because they allow you to set parameters like depth and feedback. With more accuracy than analog pedals can offer. Digital pedals also give you the option of using an expression pedal. Rather than having to foot switch between bypass and effect modes like on an analog pedal. They allow you to modulate the frequency rate of a signal. Meaning you can create richer, thicker sound for your guitar.

Analog chorus pedals are quite popular among guitarists. They are analog in the sense that they process the sound in real time. However, they are not known for their versatility and often produce poor quality sounds. Analog chorus pedals typically sound warmer and more natural than digital chorus pedals.

True Bypass vs Buffered/Active Mode

True bypass pedal is a type of pedal that completely cuts an instrument’s signal when it is not used. It only passes the signal from the guitar to the amplifier when a musician activates a switch on the pedal. This makes it a popular choice for a variety of musicians. Especially those who want to reduce any unnecessary noise from being amplified from their instrument.

Buffered/Active mode pedals are not true bypass, which can cause an amplifier to produce unwanted noise and distortion. The buffer takes the signal from the guitar before amplifying it. Then puts it into a low impedance state before sending it out to an amplifier.

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