The Multi Effects Pedal

The Multi Effects Pedal

A multi-effect pedal is a type of electronic musical effects device. Which typically contains many different effects and amplifiers to alter the sound and tone of an electric guitar or keyboard. Its uses are not limited to the electric guitar. But can also include bass guitars, keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines, or other instruments.

How Does A Multi Effects Pedal Work?

Multi effect pedals are usually digital devices. Using computing power to create an artificial version of old school effects. Effects such as distortion, delay and chorus. These effects are available in individual pedals. However when you’re looking to build a collection of guitar effects quickly, a multi effects pedal is a good idea.

Use Cases of Guitar Multi Effects Pedals

As mentioned above, a multi effects pedal is a great way of getting access to sometimes hundreds of effects. If you were to try and build a pedal board using individual pedals you may need to spend thousands. A multi effects pedal, even at the top end of the range will usually cost far less. However, many professionals will agree multi effects pedals, although good, aren’t a replacement for the real analog pedals of old.

What Should You Look for in a Good Guitar Multi Effect Pedals?

It’s important that you do your research, or use our research to help you. We’ve collected our top 10 recommendations and created an article. Take a look for yourself.

A good multi-effects will have enough effects to keep you busy and allow you to find your own sound. It will have predominantly positive feedback from the community and ideally be made by a well known, trusted brand.

How the Multi Effect Pedal Will Change Your Guitar World

If you’ve never used an effects pedal then you’re in for a treat. Effects give your guitar a new lease of life. Allowing you to replicate sounds of various artists, from the 50’s through to modern times. A multi effects pedal will simply make this a reality for you with less financial resources.

The Best Way to Use a Multi Effect Pedal in Your Practice

Multi effects pedals are great for practice sessions. Many come with loopers, which means you’ll be able to record several instruments and layer the signals over each other. Some pedals will allow vocals and even drum presets. You’re literally able to record a whole song on your own. This feature is usually limited on the lower-end models. The more professional multi effects pedals available sometimes double up as audio interfaces. Meaning you can connect to your PC or Mac and pretty much create a home studio.

What's the Difference Between an Amp and a Pedal?

This is a common question, as lots of amplifiers come with built in presets. Many Line 6 amps have several different modes from acoustic to heavy metal distorted presets. So if you’re equipped with these sounds then why do you need a multi effects pedal? Well, if you’re happy using the somewhat limited presets on your amp, then great. But at some point you’re going to want to gain more control over your sound. Thats where a multi effects pedal can offer you configuration parameters unattainable by traditional amplifiers alone.

How to Choose Which Guitar Effects Pedal is Right for You?

A very personal choice, like with everything else in life. There are those who stick to certain brands. Like those who like anything and everything Apple. Some will only choose BOSS pedals for example. If you’re new, unsure or completely lost then we recommend listening to our recommendations and listening to the feedback of those who already own such pedals. Our recommendations take this feedback into consideration, so you don’t have to go around the houses finding it yourself.

Hopefully this article helps shine some light on what multi effects pedals are and why you should consider getting one.

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