Best Reverb Pedals

Top 10 Best Reverb Pedals On The Market (July 2024)

The Best Reverb Pedals On The Market (July 2024)

We've created this article to concatenate our favourite reverb pedal choices currently available. Appropriately titled the best reverb pedals on the market we hope you'll find value in this article. But first, what exactly is a reverb pedal? Reverb pedals are an essential part of the modern music production process. They are used to create reverb sound effects to give a natural feel that is not too dry or too wet. Reverb is a sound that reverberates or echoes off surfaces of a room. It's the characteristic of the sound that it seems to grow in volume and intensity with time.

The Best Reverb Pedals On The Market Buyers Guide (July 2024)

  • 1. BOSS RV-6 Reverb
  • 2. Catalinbread Talisman
  • 3. Matthews Effects Astronomer V2
  • 4. Walrus Audio Slö
  • 5. Walrus Audio Fathom
  • 6. EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath V3
  • 7. EarthQuaker Devices Ghost Echo V3
  • 8. MXR Reverb
  • 9. J. Rockett Audio Designs Boing
  • 10. TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Reverb
BOSS RV-6 Reverb Image

BOSS RV-6 Reverb

  • ✔ High End Sound
  • ✔ Wide Ranging Versatility
  • ✔ Subtle To Shimmer Reverb
  • ✔ 5 Year BOSS Warranty

A high-quality digital effect, which can give the guitar signal a sense of space that is similar to that of a natural acoustic setting. Still one of the best reverb guitar pedals available.

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The BOSS RV-6 Reverb guitar effects pedal is one of the most popular models from Boss.

The RV-6 Reverb pedal is the newest and most advanced of Boss's modulation effects. It offers a wide range of reverb types with a natural sound that stays clear even with heavy reverb use. This pedal gives you lush and atmospheric sound, whether you want the subtle added depth of a small room or the vast expansiveness of a cathedral. The pedal's deep control set lets you turn any input signal into the perfect reverberation for any musical style.

This guitar pedal features a stereo input and output jacks, two different modes for reverb, eight different types of reverb to pick from, and simple knobs for controlling the mix of the wet signal to the dry signal. A digital reverb pedal with a wide range of classic sounds.

The sound quality of the Boss RV-6 guitar effect pedals is incredible. The sound it produces is so rich and full for such a compact pedal, with no noise or hiss to be found at all. You can adjust the number of repeats and tone, but honestly you really don't need to tweak anything because it sounds perfect just as it comes out of the box.

Catalinbread Talisman Image

Catalinbread Talisman

  • ✔ Classic Plate Reverb Pedal
  • ✔ Studio Styled Controls
  • ✔ 100mS Pre-Delay Feature
  • ✔ High Pass, Time, Pre Delay, Mix And Volume Controls

A true analog reverb pedal that packs some serious punch. It was made to be the best performance-focused reverb pedal. And it doesn't disappoint.

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The Catalinbread Talisman is a classic plate reverb guitar effects pedal that offers the guitarist the ability to create lush reverbs that are not too “wet” or “dry”. It’s a versatile, high-quality pedal that can be used for electric guitar. The musician can easily switch between dark or bright reverbs with this pedal's "high pass" knob.

The Talisman has analog circuitry with no digital processing in it whatsoever. This means that you get the same sound quality every time you use it. The Time setting is great for things like drums or vocals while Pre Delay can be used on guitars or synthesizers. The Mix control adjusts the level of reverb present in your signal.

The sound of this reverb pedal is really good and it also has some interesting features, but it does have some drawbacks. For example it doesn't have any presets, so the user has to experiment themselves in order to get the desired effect. The Catalinbread Talisman is a great choice for guitar players who want to clean up their reverb tone with the help of some professional-quality reverb.

Matthews Effects Astronomer V2 Image

Matthews Effects Astronomer V2

  • ✔ High Quality Components
  • ✔ Top Mounted Jacks
  • ✔ Expression Pedal Compatible
  • ✔ Choose Between 3 Unique Reverb Algorithms

Sa reverb pedal that produces enhanced, lush sound. It has 3 different reverb presets to create the perfect ambience for guitarists.

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The Matthews Effects Astronomer V2 is a reverb guitar effects pedal. It has three distinct types of reverb.

  1. Canis Major. This constellation is an EchoVerb effect designed with droning and swells in mind. The "Glow" knob controls the mix of the shimmer while the "Travel" knob adjusts the decay time of the reverb. Canis Major excels at pads and layering.
  2. Orion. This is the quintessential hall reverb effect. Select the amount of celestial shimmer using the "Glow" control. Turned down "Glow" delivers a classic hall reverb or dime it out for a unique sound that's straight from the heavens.
  3. Ursa Major. Ursa Major is a chamber reverb effect. Dial in a pre-reverb octave using the "Glow" control. Turn "Glow" all the way down for a haunting dark reverb that’s great for lead lines. Slowly turn it up to add particles and emulate the sound of the cosmos.

The most noteworthy thing about the Astronomer V2 is its size. It's small enough to fit on most pedalboards without taking up too much space or overloading the power supply. This makes it an excellent option for touring musicians who need to save space on their setup. It has a warm, rich sound that is perfect for guitarists who want to take their playing to the next level. This reverb pedal offers studio-quality sound, with just the right amount of ambient noise to give it that live feel.

The Hall reverb is the traditional sound you would expect from reverbs. It's perfect for guitarists who are looking for a long, drawn out reverberation with lots of space around them. Spring reverb pedals are fantastic. The Spring reverb is perfect for those who are looking for that vintage tone that has been used by many guitarists over the years. Those who like their music mixed with lots of ambiance will be sure to love this pedal.

Walrus Audio Slö Image

Walrus Audio Slö

  • ✔ Create Lush, Sleepy, Modulated Reverb And Ambient Reverb Sounds
  • ✔ Choose Between 6 Reverb Presets
  • ✔ X Knob Controls The Depth Of The Effect
  • ✔ Finished In A Lollypop Blue, Featuring Christi Du Toit Artwork

With its simple but versatile controls, it can be used as an everyday tool or as a way to achieve unique sounds on stage without the need for additional equipment.

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Walrus Audio Slö is a reverb effects pedal that offers true analog dry signal, infinite reverb decay, and multiple spatialization modes. It also has an analog dry signal which produces a more natural sounding reverb effect than what you would get with digital pedals.

The Slö is an all-in-one reverb and delay in one pedal. With this pedal, you can create lush and expansive sounds and it features a 3-way EQ section with high and low shelving to help sculpt your tone. The pedal has five knobs that can be adjusted to alter the sound. Some of these controls are Decay, Mix, and Depth.

First there is Decay, which controls how much of the reverb you want in your signal. The magnitude of your sound can be adjusted by this knob. Next is Mix, which allows you to set how much of the wet signal goes into the dry signal going out from your guitar. When Depth is at its lowest setting you will have less feedback and at its highest setting you will have more feedback in your signal.

Walrus Audio Fathom Image

Walrus Audio Fathom

  • ✔ 4 Types Of Reverb, Hall, Lo-fi, Sonar And Plate
  • ✔ Featuring Decay, Dampen, Mix, X and Program Control Knobs
  • ✔ X Knob Adjusts The Filters Width And Pre-Delay
  • ✔ Features Artwork By Stuart Dooley On A Teal Finished Chassis With Cream And White Ink

The Walrus Audio Fathom pedal can be used to add a reverb effect to the sound of your electric guitar. It allows you to get the sound of an acoustic guitar with its rich, deep and lush reverberation.

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The Fathom pedal is an interesting, and in my opinion, a very cool reverb pedal. It can make your guitar sound like it’s in a huge hall or an underwater cave. It has five knobs for decay, dampen, mix, program and X. There is also a switch to control the modulation of reverb.

The Fathom is great for anyone who needs some extra space in their music or needs some haunting effects. The Fathom is a true bypass pedal with a reverb circuit. It features four different reverb modes, each of them with their own characteristics. This pedal provides a number of great options for any guitarist looking to add some spatial depth to their sound. It is especially good for those who want to experiment with the sound of their guitar without making too many changes to their effects chain.

The Walrus Audio Fathom has four different reverb modes that can be selected by the program knob on the front panel. The reverbs available are Hall, Lo-fi, Sonar And Plate.

EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath V3 Image

EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath V3

  • ✔ Mode Button Changes The Drag Controls Behaviour
  • ✔ Expression Pedal Compatible
  • ✔ Features 6 Control Knobs. Length, Diffuse, Dampen, Reflect, Drag and Mix
  • ✔ Buffered Bypass Switching Circuitry

A reverb designed to be spacey and watery with a variable wet/dry mix. It's designed to really push the limits of what you can do with reverb.

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The EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath V3 is a reverb guitar effects pedal that offers a lot of features for the price. It’s designed to work in conjunction with other effects pedals without compromising the quality of the sound. The Afterneath V3 has three modes: standard, high-end and classic. It also has a buffered bypass switch that lets you use it in conjunction with another effect pedal without having to use up another input. One of its most notable features is its ability to create a sense of ambience or spaciousness without being overly reverberant.

The Afterneath V3 is a high quality, boutique reverb pedal that is perfect for those guitarists who want to add some texture and depth to their songs. It is a digital reverb pedal that has everything you need and want in this type of pedal. It has a tone control knob and mix control knob for balancing the wet signal with the dry signal. Whats more, it features buffered bypass so your sound remains pristine when the pedal isn't engaged. The EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath V3 is one of the most versatile reverb pedals out there and it sounds fantastic.

EarthQuaker Devices Ghost Echo V3 Image

EarthQuaker Devices Ghost Echo V3

  • ✔ Updated Op-Amps Means Better Performance And Lower Noise
  • ✔ Attack Knob Controls The Pre-Delay Feature
  • ✔ True Bypass Switching Circuitry
  • ✔ Spooky Themed Design On Aluminum Chassis

A reverb pedal that is based on the legendary EHX Holy Grail. Offering plenty of control over the sound, with the inclusion of attack, depth and dwell knobs for specific tonal options.

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Housed in a pedalboard-friendly metal chassis, the EarthQuaker Devices Ghost Echo V3 reverb guitar effects pedal delivers the high-quality effects sounds of its predecessor with a few added features. The pedal has a redesigned reverb algorithm which provides a more "natural" sound when compared to many other digital reverbs. It also has an updated bypass system that is capable of handling audio clips with longer decay times.

The EarthQuaker Devices Ghost Echo V3 has many features that make it a very unique and valuable reverb pedal. It has three controls knobs allowing you to change the intensity, longevity and depth of the reverb. These three modes allow you to choose from a variety of reverberation effects that each have their own unique sound. The Ghost Echo V3 allows you to control the wet/dry mix via the Attack well as the room size via the Depth knob. Which can increase or decrease how much effect is heard in your tone created by this pedal. This pedal gives you the ability to add vintage reverb style tones to your guitar without coloring the sound too much.

This delay pedal has a high-quality, analog signal path that offers a rich and warm tone that is perfect for all styles of music. The controls on this pedal are simple and intuitive enough for both beginners and professionals.

MXR Reverb Image

MXR Reverb

  • ✔ 6 Reverb Presets In One Pedal
  • ✔ 100% Analog
  • ✔ True Bypass Switching
  • ✔ Low Noise Floor

The MXR Reverb pedal is affordable because it's a compact design, meaning it's easy to carry around and doesn't take up much space.

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MXR Electronic Design Company is a company that has been around since 1972, designing and manufacturing professional audio equipment such as amplifiers, effects pedals, and more. The MXR Reverb is one of their most popular products in their guitar effects pedals series.

The MXR Reverb pedal has been around for quite some time now and it is one of the most popular guitar effects pedals. It provides a lush and natural reverb sound that you would usually find in a large room. It provides a variety of options for the addition of reverb to the sound. The pedal was created by MXR in the 1970s and has been continuously improved thereafter, with the current model arriving in 2016.

The MXR Reverb features controls for decay, tone, and blend. This allows it to create many different sounds from subtle near-field sound effects to long, drawn out walls of sound. There is also a switch for red and green reverb modes. Meaning the MXR Reverb has six different reverb types: Epic, Mod, Pad, Spring, Plate, and Room reverb. Its interface is easy to understand. Providing the perfect reverb sound for your needs with no hassle of complicated knobs and settings.

The MXR Reverb pedal is designed to be used with electric guitars and bass guitars. It is a compact pedal that can do wonders for your sound and it can easily be adjusted to suit your needs.

J. Rockett Audio Designs Boing Image

J. Rockett Audio Designs Boing

  • ✔ Tour Series - Boing Spring Reverb
  • ✔ Developed For Live Performances
  • ✔ Simple Control Interface
  • ✔ True Bypass Switching

The Boing reverb guitar effects pedal is a wide and full sounding reverb pedal. It has a true bypass and comes with the simplest interface imaginable.

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The J. Rockett Audio Designs Boing is a pedal that you can connect to your guitar. It has a spring tank reverb, a long decay, and an adjustable swell time so you can really dial in the sound you want. This pedal is perfect for giving your guitar a beautiful echo or creating an ambient background noise for your music. It also works as a great way to add texture to vocals or any other instrument that doesn't have too much sustain.

The Boing has been designed to be unique and versatile. It provides a variable mix control for the sprint reverb effect. The goal of this pedal was to provide an easy way to get the classic “surf tone” sound on a guitar. The Boing has the easiest interface possible. An input and output jack mounted at the top of the pedal. A single mix control knob, allowing you to add more reverberated effect into the mix when turned up. And a simple on off true bypass stomp switch.

The J. Rockett Audio Designs Boing is fantastic for all kinds of guitar players. It enhances the sound of your instrument and adds a very natural ambience to it. Boing will also give you the opportunity to create some really cool textures with your guitar, especially if you use it with a synthesizer pedal or an octave pedal.

TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Reverb Image

TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Reverb

  • ✔ Updated To Have Extra Presets Such As Shimmer
  • ✔ Tone Print Compatible. Access Custom Preset Downloads From Legends
  • ✔ Stereo In And Stereo Out
  • ✔ True Bypass Switching Circuitry

A great option for guitar players who are looking for something that combines the sound of vintage reverbs into one package. A nice upgrade from the Fame Reverb.

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TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Reverb guitar pedal is a reverb effect pedal with an extensive variety of sounds. It has the ability to create ambient soundscapes or simulate natural spaces like churches or live rooms. A reverb pedal that’s an excellent choice for any guitarist that wants to add dimension and depth to their mixes.

TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Reverb has the ability to create lush ambient soundscapes or simulate natural spaces like churches, live rooms, and concert halls. It is one of their most sophisticated processors to date which can be used on either electric or electro acoustic guitars.

The perfect pedal for guitarists who want to explore the turbulent, ethereal soundscape of reverb. It offers eight different reverb types, three custom presets and true bypass switching. The tonal quality of the Hall of Fame 2 is unmatched in any other pedal in its price range.

More Information Regarding Reverb Pedals (2024)

What are Reverb Pedals?

A reverb pedal is an electronic device that produces reverb, which is the reflection of an audio signal off various surfaces over time. Reverb pedals are used to create a lush, natural sound to the instruments. They are also often used for vocals. Reverb pedals can be found in many different shapes and sizes. They can also be found as effects processors or rack units.

Do I Need A Reverb Pedal?

Reverb is one of the most essential effects to have in a home studio. It helps to create a sense of space and dimension in your mix. It can give your music the added depth and dimension it needs.

The natural sound that reverberates through a guitar amp or vocalist is created by echoes that bounce off nearby surfaces. A reverb pedal does the same thing by sending out an audio signal to create this effect in your playing space. Some professional musicians have said that without their reverb pedals they would not be able to play certain songs. This is because they would not be able to replicate the tone without a good reverb pedal.

In order to get the best out of your sound, you need to be able to control the reverb level in your songs. But this comes at its own cost. You need an external processor like an audio interface or interface card. One that can handle the processing load on heavy reverbs without affecting other inputs on your sound card or computer.

Are Reverb Pedals Suitable For Beginners?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question. However we will take a look at some factors to consider when deciding if a beginner should use a reverb pedal. Generally speaking if I had to answer this bluntly, reverb pedals are suitable for beginner guitarists. They are usually quite easy to use and provide a wide range of sounds.

The reverb pedal is an instrument-specific effect that’s not often found in the typical effects rack. It doesn’t sound like anything else but it can produce many different types of sounds depending on the reverb settings you choose.

As with anything, there are different levels and features available with reverb pedals. Some of the more complex configurations may take a beginner more time to grasp.

How Useful Are Reverb Pedals?

These pedals are perfect for adding a certain feel to your electric instruments. Reverb pedals are very useful if you need to soften the sound on an electric guitar. It has a time-based reverberation that you can use to create a spacy or space-y sound.

A reverb pedal can help you achieve more depth in your music by giving your track more resonance and dimensionality. It also helps give your vocals a certain feel that might be appropriate for the song’s genre or style. So generally speaking the answer is they can be very useful indeed.

The Benefits Of Using A Reverb Pedal?

As a guitarist, I have been using a reverb pedal since I was 13 years old. The main benefit of a reverb pedal is that it helps me create a sound for my music.

Most guitarists use a reverb pedal to augment their sound by adding depth and ambiance to the guitar tracks they produce. Guitarists use this effect when they want to achieve the sound of an instrument such as piano or synthesizer. Reverbs also provide an ethereal or dream-like sound that is perfect for certain types of music like shoegaze and ambient electronica.

Most people believe that reverb effects are added in post-production, but in fact, most studios use them during session tracking to add depth and ambiance under certain parts of the song or guitar tracks.

Why You Should Definitely Get A Reverb Pedal?

A reverb pedal is an effect you can use to create the sound of echoing or reverb. It provides natural-sounding effects. You can use it to help give your guitar, voice, vocal synth, or drum loops a nice, rich sound. The sounds created by reverb pedals are often used in music production and sound design. So if you're into that kind of thing then getting one is pretty important if you want to make cool sounding recordings.

We think reverb is a fantastic effect. Although there are some fundamental pedals we recommend above reverb. We still think it’s a great effect and you should definitely consider getting one.

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